Weekend Dressing : Lazy Sundays

We have reached the end of the week, hope you had a good one just like we did. This week was especially fun since we were discussing occasion Dressing. We started with corporate dressing, moved on to dressing for a date, and then onto Saturday night dressing and now finally talking about staying fashionable even on a Sunday.

Isn't Sunday indeed the laziest day of the week. Going out sure is fun but that too is done in a relaxed spirit. What do you like to do on your Sunday? A lazy brunch, or catch up with friends in a cafe, shop or if you are lucky go to the beach? Well Heiress gives a lot to choose from, whether you love sporting shorts on a Sunday or love your pyjamas.... everything can work if you do it right. So take your cues from our 5 weekend sets and stay fashionable even on a Sunday !!