Why don't you try Hats this Summer?

Was one of your new year resolutions this year, to break away from your comfort-zone fashion-wise. To try something new and evolve your style? Well, resolutions usually get thrown out of the window less than a month in for most people. But it is spring now, a season of rebirth, hence if we remind you of that resolution there is nothing wrong with it right?

So well, our team wonders why most people are not comfortable sporting the hat. They maybe feel too dressed in it, but it is an accessory beyond its aesthetic value. It does solve a purpose in summers. And specially when you are living in an Indian summer, you must consider wearing one to protect yourself from the heat as well as for the style of course. Think about it ! And for you to get lusting over this accessory and yes some inspiration for the looks, we dedicate today's post !!

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