6 Swimwear Trends for Spring Summer 2013

Blame it on the heat wave that we keep obsessing over water. Yesterday it was the water prints and today we talk about swimwear. So if you are not heading to a beach for holiday, you can at least head to that pool party this weekend. Or perhaps continue with your swimming classes? Apart from cooling you off, it is a great exercise to tone up your body. Do you need any more reasons to go ahead with this idea?

And while you are at it, why not take some fashion along with you? Wondering  what sort of swimwear is on trend this season? Well wonder no more as here is our Swimwear Guide for S/S 2013.

Mis-Match in Style

Mis-matching separate really brings out the too-cool-to-care attitude forward. Whether you mix two prints or a print and a color or even two colors is upto you.

Ruffles and Fringes

Fringes were in vogue last season and refuse to die out this season as well. In fact they have become stronger and included their sister ruffles too.

Pin-up Chic

Well the title says it all. It is time to revive that vintage charm and sexiness of the pin-up.


Yes! go crazy with prints. Geometric or tribal or animal print... make a choice!


It is still ok to go bright, real bright... fluorescent. 

Emphasize the shoulders

Shoulders are the new cleavage. Trust us and accentuate them in style!