Fitness is the Fashion Mantra for May

In case you haven't noticed or you are a new reader, we here at Heiress at the start of every month, for a while now, have been sharing Magazine Covers for the month or maybe our favorite editorial. Even though our world is online, we still like to see how printed magazines are doing. What the editors around the world are envisioning as fashion's future. And we make sure to find a direction in it.

The May Covers interestingly point towards fitness, swimsuits and the sea. In India, May officially means kick starting of the "real" summers. So the lure of the sea, or even water ( we talked about pool parties a while ago) is understandable. We are pretty sure its the same for any country starting the summer season. 

But most interestingly, these covers do not feel to us like anorexic women on display. They look healthier don't they? Hence we feel the message is fitness for fashion. What is your take?  

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