Not So "GoodGoth"

I don't spend money all that often, so whenever I do its a big deal and I look forward to enjoying the things I buy. Such was not the case with my recent purchase from Perhaps I was sucked into a marketing trap, but I've been a part of GoodGoth's "Deal of the Day" mailing list for a while, and they seemed to offer some interesting things tinged for the dark at heart. One of their big "deals" is their Mystery Bags.
$40 worth of accessories of our choosing for only $14.95.
Might be jewelry, rings, necklaces,
hosiery, handbags, socks, you never know!
I'd been eyeing the bags for a while. They seemed like a pretty good deal, and when I got a coupon that knocked an extra $5 off the price, I figured, what the heck? $10 for $40 worth of stuff? Might as well! Here's where I met the first downfall. I had my mom place the order, and she went ahead and had it sent even with the extra $7.50 for shipping and handling. So now my "$10" order was more like $20. Once the bag arrived, I was a little let down. It's actually not that big. 
Rather smaller than expected...
 I figured I'd get some pretty little gothy gems, even if the bag wasn't as big as I thought, it was $40 worth, so there had to be something good in there right? WRONG.  Behold my goodies: 

A mustache necklace, a beaded choker, a fake spike bracelet made of plastic, three lip glosses, and an infinity necklace. This is worth $40? 
To make matters worse,
all of the lip glosses were also LEAKING & STICKY
And the infinity necklace was BROKEN
I may wear the choker and I'm salvaging the chain from the mustache necklace. The necklaces did come with some cheap "diamond" studs (although they had no backings) and the spikes on the ridiculous bracelet glow in the dark, perhaps something there for some future Zombie Bunnies? Also, each mystery bag is different because they're basically rounding up the last few items that they aren't planning to continue, so I guess its possible that some people got some cool stuff. But overall I was more than disappointed. I was under the impression that the things in the Mystery Bag would be made up of clearance items from the GoodGoth website, and I was hoping the items might be at least a little oriented towards goths. Of course the Mystery Bags are non-returnable, which would make sense for this type of promotion if there was anything of value included. I can't speak for the items purchased regularly through GoodGoth. Overall: :( 

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