Paranormal Investigating

A lot of goths are interested in the paranormal (borderline obsession in my case) and many of us love cemeteries so what better way to merge the two ideas than an investigation in a graveyard? My friend Cheyenne and I went to our local cemetery to see what we could find. It was my first time actually trying to find "something" in a cemetery although I visit them often. I've been to this one a lot because it's so close, but Chey had never been. Plus, I had never been in one at night before! I'm obviously an amateur investigator, so I don't know if I did everything right, but we did have some interesting experiences! We did an extensive EVP session as we were walking throughout the graveyard, but unfortunatly, her digital recorder can't be hooked up to the computer so I can't post it! :( Next  time I'm going to bring my camera with a lot more blank space on the memory card so I can take a video. We did hear a few weird sounds on the recorder, although there was one constant whispering noise that we debunked as Chey's jeans moving when she walked and a very clear male voice turned out to be her brother murmuring to himself. For a while we sat by a grave from the 1860's and didn't catch anything until we got up to look somewhere else. Chey says: "Well, we're leaving for now but you can come find us if you want to tell us something!" and there is a very faint "Woo!" Maybe the ghost was glad we were leaving. :) Later, when I asked anyone who was there to make a sign of their presence, there was a loud bang that sounded like a metal gate closing. I asked for the sign again to make sure and it wasn't repeated although we did hear a lot of rustling. Keep in mind though that we were in the middle of a forest, so it was probably a bird or a deer. 
This is where we heard the bang. 
The lights by the tree in the background freaked us out
especially since we'd been hearing noises, but  there were a lot of
 Christmas lights strung around trees and stones so that could be it. 
The strangest thing happened just as we were leaving the cemetery by the main road. I was asking if anyone had seen me before in the graveyard as I've been there quite a few times, and all of a sudden I felt something brush past my left side. I got the feeling that you get when you hold something very close to your skin. You know how you can sense it's going to touch you? I stopped and turned around, asking if anyone was there. On the recorder, right after I ask, something makes a noise, like a giggle or a bunch of nonsense words. It was very clear. I didn't hear the sound at the time, but on the recording right after the sound, I say "Woah!" 

I took some pictures at this spot which may have also validated the experience:
The green circles are spots of dust or something on the lens. The red ones are strange though. The one in the middle looks very 3-D, almost like a bubble and the one on the left is actually two overlapping. Here's a closer look:
See how the green circle is obviously dust? My camera has been dropped in the mud and often produces "false orbs." This one doesn't look anything like that though.
False Orbs
It was strange how all these experiences coincided at the same time. Paranormal even? Maybe. Whatever it was, it sure was fun! Cheyenne and I reviewed the EVP for what must have been an hour and then we watched Flatliners (which has Kiefer Sutherland in it and he looks exactly like he does as David in The Lost Boys and there is another character in Flatliners named David so I kept getting very confused as to who everyone was referring to) our nerves were a little frazzled by the time we went to bed. I'll definitely be going back to the cemetery to look some more! Have any of you ever had a ghostly encounter?

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