Fresh Ideas to wear a skirt !

Summers and skirts really go hand in hand. Denims, jeggings, pants are bearable; but skirts are so roomy, chic and sexy that they have their own place in the summer wardrobe. But the problem is, it is a cliched fashion item and sometimes the styling may look very predictable. So how to escape this 

That is the reason we have put together this post, to open up your minds and inspire. Recently we had come across many skirt looks that were out of the ordinary in some way. Street style does keep you thriving to look your best hence. So here we go !

Choose an interesting Skirt

Leandra Medine sports a flared hem skirt ( which is all the rage) and the print is so interesting too.

Notice that 'wow' cut of the skirt. Everything else is so minimal and casual, and yet this is a winning look.

Ooo.... we are about plastic this year. If you are the 'It' crowd , you must already be seeing it in your circuits.

A white peplum with a wonderful twist. The print inside makes it the genre 'minimal quirk'

You really have to zoom in to see this one up close. All the slits oozing yellow looks so appropriate with her sporty take on skirts.

Yes, do the black and white. Skater skirts are still on, why not update it for the season?

Style it well

There is so much to love in this look. The length and color and material of the skirt, for starters. Then the unique pairing up with the mickey tee, plus the necklace and cap too. a perfect 10!

How to pair a skirt with a short tunic? This is how!

Who knew that a pastel accordion pleats skirts could mix with androgyny to make a delectable concoction of style. 

A printed maxi does look boho-chic with a knotted shirt and big sling bag.

Clash prints, and mix bold color too. This look teaches you all.

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