Beauty Disasters to avoid always!

Yes your dress is perfect, but if you are not exactly talented at doing your makeup, you can still end up a disaster. But everyone makes mistakes right? Even these celebrities with a team of professionals backing them. But their fashion sins are not forgotten as easily as a regular person. So it makes it all the way more complicated for them. 

But we are here to show you some beauty disasters that you won't even believe happened. Yes, some are downright shocking. But go on, have a look and promise yourself you will never follow these footsteps.

Tyra Banks.... too bright a lip and to add to it the eyes are too dark. Close to a horror? 

 Kristen Stewart on two occasions made a beauty blunder. Once with the black eye liner and once with the lip color.


Yes, the dip dye looks great. But only when done appropriately right ? Someone tell Christina Aguilera that.

Did this really happen Drew? Can not believe our eyes.

Groundbreaking plus size model Crystal Renn bleached her eyebrows. On top of that a shiny forehead.

 Drew is on the list again. This time for yellow eye shadow.

The color of your foundation should definitely not make you look sick Kelly. That is really not the purpose.

That's Lindsay Lohan, you heard us right. The platinum hair is too pale, and the eyes and everything is plain wrong. You don't feel like you are looking at someone in her 20s do you?

And Miley Cyrus has lipstick on her teeth. Biggest faux pas ladies.

And finally the powdered look that even we could not believe. But Uma Thurman made that mistake.

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