Black Dress Disasters

So you thought you can never go wrong with your LBD or a Black gown? Think again. Some of these celebrities are talented at even getting the most-sure shot dress wrong. And how? Well there are many ways to achieve it really. You could pair the dress with neon blue tights or you could wear the gown backwards or even pair something brown with it! We dig our archives and present black dress disasters over the years.

Of course we know, you are smart enough to never make these disasters. But in case any one of you was heading that way, well consider yourself saved!

Elisabeth Olsen has not quite mastered the sartorial sense of her sister yet. The shapeless dress worn recently made us tun for cover.

"Why god why" is all we can say.

Though Kiran Rao is not a fashionista, she is more of an intellectual really. But this does not mean she can mess up an LBD so badly. What is that brown shoulder-pad-thing anyway? If she removed that and teamed a statement necklace instead, it would have been one of her strong fashion moments.

Oh Priyanka ! We know this is an old photo but still unforgivable. The silhouette  the blankness of the outfit and the heels, nothing is right.

Gwyneth Paltrow made one of her worst fashion choices for Oscar red Carpet 2002.

Kareena Kapoor in September 2012 wore this Osman dress that did her no favors. The metallic heels are a bad pair-up choice too.

Kim Kardashian was on our list yesterday and today she has made to it twice. This is her New Year's eve outfit. Very Very busy and well revealing.

Take about revealing and Britney Spears can take the cake. She was dressed this way for Grammy's 2010.

Or Did Mallika Sherawat did the revealing better back in 2009? 

Here is Kim again, going wrong with black yet another time.

Zoe Saldana looks weird in this one. The top too empty and the bottom too filled and sheer.

And to top it all Sigourney Weaver wore a Lanvin gown backwards to the SAG 2013 Awards !! talk about Epic fails.

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