Who is the Worst dressed?

We have always talked about the Dos in Fashion. Guiding you and letting you in on tips to wear the latest trends. But the Don'ts too need to be talked about right? The theme this week on the Heiress Blog hence is featuring all the don'ts and disasters. It has got to be fun right?

For the first post we bring to you both Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. The top 3 in our worst dressed lists for both, on the basis of their recent appearances, are featured here. So WHO IS THE WORST DRESSED? Make your opinion count and leave a comment below !

Worst Dressed Bollywood Celebrities

Amisha Patel. Wearing a skull tee as a dress with shorts underneath and even going as far as wearing suspender pantyhose does not make you stylish.  Those dance moves aren't helping your case either.

Neha Dhupia. The color is too pale to amount to anything, and that embellished neck in pearls does not match with your earrings and cuff girl ! You should have skipped them. 

Sushmita Sen. Is that an orange shirt-dress we see their and that too floor length with gathers and weird slits? From the color to the silhouette to the shoes... there is nothing right to begin with.

Worst Dressed Hollywood Celebrities

Ciara. You seem to have borrowed Kanye's outfit.All white is fine works usually but how did you manage to make even that look bad? 

Kesha. If all the flowers on her head, sleeves, corset and crotch were not enough, the some-sort-of gold glitter leggings just add the perfect touch.

Kim Kardashian. The mom-to-be is definitely struggling with her new body. Sometimes she would dress appropriately yet fashionably, and the other times it feels like she is trying to hold on to her earlier style. Please Kim let the Peplum go! The print and the fit both are not flattering you well anymore.

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