Fashion from Music Videos

The title says it all, and gives a fine introduction to what we are fascinated by today. Be it Lady Gaga walking in Mc Queen's gasp-worthy reptile shoes in 2009 or Michael Jackson wearing the red leather jacket in Thriller in 1982, it is no news that music videos make a lot of fashion news. In fact we found on article that compares the above two.

Though, we agree it is not everyday that a legendary music video is released ; but every year some videos churned out do make you acquainted with a lot of trends. So what has been happening in 2013? Check out below. Also comment if you think we missed out on some fashion action from your favorite music star.

David Bowie - The Stars ( are out tonight)

Tilda Swinton's huge chic bow and pastel eyeliner with a tweed blouse has got our heart beating fast.

Iggy Azalea- Work

Whether it is the Hawaiian look with faces printed on shorts or the sheer swimsuit paired with fur, we say its Avant Garde.

Taylor Swift - 22

She impressed us with her pyjama suit last year ( Never getting together) And we love the cutesy bow on her head this time. Complete with torn shorts and front tie shirt ( and the lip color + bracelets) we say it indeed feels like we are 22!

Selena Gomez - Come and get it

Her new single makes us feel she is growing up... and for the better ! Look at that gorgeous coin necklace and sheer corset dress. Sexy right? Well with her performing this song on stage in red, accessorizing with Bindis, it reminded us of Madonna's Frozen days.

Alicia Keys - Girl on Fire

 Well, technically this was released in the end of 2012. But will you forgive us if we mention it here?? We chose to since that wallpaper is so gorgeous and so is her cuff in the first look. And in the second, ain't she looking retro-fab?  Write from the wrap-crop top, to the neon bra straps and matching band at the waist and her hairstyle... what is not to love?

Do you love Fashion from Music Videos too??

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