MET Gala 2013 : Who really was a punk?

For this post right here, let us forget for a few minutes what we usually find acceptable, sexy and good looking. Let's think Punk, for that was the very interesting theme of the MET Ball this year around. And Punk is rebellious, it breaks norms and does never try to fit in. Even though its elements like leather, studs are more or less a norm today and has lost its shock value ; the spirit of rebellion is at the heart of punk.

So our compilation today only talks about that, at the Red Carpet who really took a risk? Who really was dared to stand out and go a little or a lot crazy... who really was the punk?

And in case you need to see some punk imagery first, here you go!


So who do you think it was... the number one punk on the Red Carpet?

1. Nicole Ritchie with her white hair, spike earpiece and dark lips ?

2. Coco Rocha looking fierce in collage-like gown ?

3. Madonna in those slick hair and a jacket but such intricate elements like the torn stockings, chains and even contrasting pink shoes?

4. Miley Cyrus with her bold mesh gown and raised hair with that perfect red pout?

5. Cara Delevingne chic but still punk with spiky gown, knuckle duster ring and faux undercut ?

6. Sarah Jessica Parker with her elaborate faux mohawk with a ball gown ?

Let us know in comments below!!