A New Best Friend

Sometimes, I have to love living in an eccentric sort of neighborhood because of the wonderful value of...Curb Sales! Where I live, people just leave their unwanted stuff out on the corners with big FREE signs. Although some consider it trashy, I have managed to pick quite a few treasures from this trend including a vanity table, a bathroom cabinet, a plant terrarium (that looks like a Victorian house!) and the best find of all...a rat cage! I've been wanting a rat forever but the cages were very expensive. So the second I saw the cage sitting outside, I snatched it up, spent a good few days sanitizing it, and then I hopped online to the shelter website to find my new best friend. :)
Isn't she adorable? 
Her name is Lydia and she is absolutely perfect! She loves to be cuddled and held (she especially likes riding on my shoulder nestled under my hair and *ahem* trying to climb into my bra). She is so soft and because of her red eyes, she prefers the darkness (just like me mwahahaha!). There are several misconceptions about rats that sometimes keep people from seeing them as good pets. However, far from being diseased (come on, we all know the Plague was the flea's fault) rats are quite clean, very smart, and very social. The lady I adopted Lydia from said they're very like miniature cats! People sometimes don't realize that small pets, including ferrets, bunnies, hamsters, gerbils and rats are widely available for adoption through shelter programs, sometimes more often than cats and dogs. So if you're considering a miniature addition of love and joy for your home, think adoption first! 
Welcome home Lydia!
Fluffy says hello :)
Alaster was very curious, but apart from
some sniffing, neither of the cats seemed to
care too much. Although I'm keeping them
out of the room when I'm not there for now.
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